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  • Adult Children of Legal or Emotional Divorce
  • Moving On After He Moves Out
  • The Finisher, by Jan Conway
  • Your Husbands Midlife Crisis, by Dr. Jim Conway
  • Women In Midlife Crisis
  • When A Mate Wants Out
  • Men In Midlife Crisis, by Dr. Jim Conway

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  • Jim and Jan 3 part speaking series.
  • Holiday Advice from Dr. Jim Conway
  • Jim Conway speaks on CHOICES
  • Jim Conway, Speaker & Author
  • Jan Conway, Speaker & Author
  • Coastal Breeze News - Article by Jan Kinne Conway
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"The Boomers" are now the "LateLife" generation. This season of life has proven to be the most productive years for many people. By the time people reach latelife with all of their wisdom, and life experiences, they should be ready to start making a difference in their world.


But, many find this season to be filled with painful physical and emotional issues that depletes their energy, keeping them from making an impact in their families and jobs.


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