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Frequently after Jan and I (Jim) have had our private time alone with God in the morning, we share with each other what God has said to us.  Last week, Jan read a devotion to me from a collection written by Denver Seminary professors and leaders.  We were both really touched, and I wanted to share this with you. We are praying that this will touch your life in those times when you think that God has made a mistake.

Wrong Script

Written by Dr. Larry Lindquist
Associate Professor of Leadership, Denver Seminary.


What happens when things bump into our lives that don't fit our plan or the "script" we had written? How do we react when detours happen and things break? How Joseph must have felt when his "script" was all messed up by a small glitch — a pregnant fiancé!


"This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph (Joseph's script), but before they came together, she was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit (definitely NOT his script). Because Joseph her husband was a righteous man and did not want to expose her to public disgrace (actually by Jewish law, she could have been killed and — he was really saving her life), he had in mind (plan B) to divorce her quietly" (Matt. 1:18-19). Joseph must have asked himself, do I marry Mary or call off the wedding? Would it be better to tell her parents you got Mary pregnant or tell them she was mystically and supernaturally pregnant with God? Joseph was given a script he didn't write. When God gives us a script we didn't write, we quickly ask why!  Who's at fault? There's got to be someone who messed up?  Who can I blame for this?


Joseph did something at this point that would be good counsel for all of us who get a new script . . . he took a nap! He slept on it. It was in that time of rest and reflection that God came to Joseph in a dream and Joseph listened to Godly counsel (v. 20). Then God tells Joseph the reason for the new script (vs. 20-25). This is all happening to fulfill His plan, His purpose. No one is at fault. Mary didn't mess up. Joseph didn't make a mistake asking her to marry him.


Rather than seeking someone to blame, become quiet and seek God's perspective. God said to Joseph, "Peace, I'm still in control. Marry Mary. It is all part of My plan. My script." Quit asking why and trying to figure out who's to blame, and start asking what now? I’ve lost my wife, what now? I’ve got cancer, what now? In his book, "When Heaven is Silent", Max Lucado challenges us to turn our "why" into "what now". "Why me" is a useless question, for in the end it solves nothing. It afflicts us with tunnel vision, making it impossible to see anything but the 'unfairness' of our predicament. But, 'what now' allows us to step outside that tunnel and see ourselves, not as hapless victims, but as objects of divine attention!" In his book "How Long Oh Lord", D. A. Carson writes, "God is less interested in answering our questions than in other things: securing our allegiance, establishing our faith, nurturing a desire for holiness, or breaking our self importance."


We all know how this story ends. Joseph did not. I'll trust God, even when I don't see His hand. I trust His heart — Even when God hands me a new script.


Copyright, Denver Seminary  ©2011. 
"He Is Born! Christmas Devotions from Denver Seminary".

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