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Take hope, the LateLife crisis/transition is a normal, necessary stage in life and is generally short lived. If you can remember that, you’ll know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s normal to be alarmed or worried when your spouse begins to behave strangely and you might wonder if they will be this way the rest of their lives? Some people rush into divorce, thinking, "They aren’t the person that I married, and I’m not going to stay married like this." You’ll need to be careful with your actions, communication choices, and decisions during this time for your well-being just as much as theirs.


If the person entering LateLife (or in LateLife) makes wise decisions during their crisis period, life on the other side will be calm and lead to the most productive years of their lives. People who make rash, foolish career changes, get divorces, or run away have more complications to work out after their inner emotional struggle has settled down.


It’s important to have a lifeline of friends for accountability, and don’t be afraid of seeking professional counseling or to talk with your Pastor.


Although your spouse may be going down the path of wrong choices, you can take the path of good choices and find that your paths will come together again as they learn from their mistakes and grow as a person. Hold your head up, take the high road, and enjoy the ride.



by Jim Conway, Ph.D.  ©2012


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  • Jim and Jan Conway are co-founders of LateLife Hope; they are international speakers and popular authors.
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