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Everyone is unique and will react to LateLife anxieties differently. Some experience a drastic outward lifestyle change, while others find themselves in quiet withdrawal while they contemplate thoughts and feelings.


Early indications are:

  • personality changes such as depression, grumpiness, irritability, and feelings of insecurities.
  • lifestyle changes like expensive hobbies, health concerns, physical appearance, and they may even trade in the old family mini-van for a nice, bright red Porsche or a luxurious BMW!

If you notice these signs in someone else, you can support them:

  • with sincere affirmation (verbal, written in a card, by email).
  • by sharing interest in their hobbies.
  • using good listening skills with them.
  • with simple acts of thoughtfulness (a small “thinking of you” gift or by doing a chore for them).
  • by shopping together to buy a new shirt or blouse, or something to make them feel special.
  • by joining them on treasure hunts at garage sales or the Goodwill Store.
  • by encouraging healthy habits with exercise and a good diet.
  • by planning simple outings to places they enjoy going to, or have always wanted to go to (museums, movies, plays, parks, the beach, take a hike, a bike ride, learn how to use a “Segway”, golfing or tennis, volunteering at an elementary school or hospital, become a Boy Scout or Girl Scout leader and get involved with youth).
  • by planning a weekend get-away to enjoy their interests and hobbies in a new place.
  • by planning a vacation together, and giving them something to look forward to and partake in researching the details of the daily adventure.
  • with additional suggestion on the following list as well.

If you notice these signs in yourself, you may want to consider:

  • some of the fun ideas suggested in the list above, with a friend, or by yourself.
  • getting a physical and/or seeing a counselor (learn how vitamins or prescription meds may help you).
  • getting involved in a small group (of the same sex) Bible study
  • listening to your favorite music while cooking, gardening, or cleaning (whatever you enjoy)
  • walking daily, or finding some sort of exercise that you enjoy
  • trying something totally new and exciting, like hot air ballooning, camping, or taking a trip by train.
  • attending a good Bible teaching church regularly, and get involved, become part of the church family.
  • allowing yourself to have “alone time” to relax and unwind, just enjoy being a couch potato on a rainy day with good movies and your favorite popcorn or ice cream.
  • snuggling with your spouse on the couch for the day, or invite a good friend over and enjoy laughing together as you share your favorite comedies with them.
  • trying community recreation classes to learn more about photography, digital scrapbooking, cake decorating, computers, surfing the web and how to use it to increase your knowledge in your interests.
  • taking your hobbies to the next level by teaching others about them, become a coach, enter competitions through the local library or fair grounds, or selling creations on Ebay or a local holiday craft fair.

  • by Jim Conway, Ph.D.  ©2012

    • Conway / LateLife Hope Articles ~ Reprint by permission only
    • Jim and Jan Conway are co-founders of LateLife Hope; they are international speakers and popular authors.
    • LateLife Hope Ministries
    • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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