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PBSNewsHour (Aug 25, 2011)

In "Old People Driving," filmmaker Shaleece Haas examines how aging Americans can balance safety and independence as the ranks of drivers 85 and older surpasses 3 million. This excerpt is part of The Economist Film Project series of independently produced films aired in partnership between The Economist and the NewsHour.

Presented by "Family Talk" with Dr. James Dobson Dr. Ted W. Engstrom

Dr. Ted Engstrom

Are you counting the weeks until retirement? Do you look forward to sleeping in and playing golf to your heart's content?

Years ago, Dr. Dobson sat down with his long-time friend, Dr. Ted Engstrom, who was still going strong at the age of 86!

Together they remind us that if Moses or the Apostle John had retired, we wouldn't have the Ten Commandments or the entire book of Revelation. Listen and find out how to add life to your years!

Presented by "Family Talk" with Dr. James Dobson Missy Tate

Part 1 with Mrs. Missy Tate

Baby boomers have reached retirement age, and as the medical field continues to make advances, people are living longer lives. Listen to a fabulous discussion about the needs of the elderly and how we can minister to them.

Missy formerly sang and spoke in nursing homes. She was the founder of Missy Tate Ministries in Annapolis, MD. She recorded several albums targeted at the elderly. She also founded several nursery schools and kindergarten. 

Missy went to live with the Lord in December, 2005.Danae Dobson

Part 2 with Danae Dobson

James and Shirley Dobson's delightful daughter, Danae, has dedicated her time and talents to caring for the older generation. Danae has a gift for reaching people of all ages with the love of Christ. It's a wonderful reminder for each of us to take time out for those who may have been forgotten.

Presented by "Family Talk" with Dr. James Dobson Jim Conway

Part 1 with Dr. Jim Conway

Dr. Jim Conway, a man of great faith, was shaken to the core on the day his 16-year-old daughter Becki lost her leg to the ravages of cancer.  We’ll peer into a father's broken heart as he asks, “Can we really believe Romans 8:28?  Do ‘all things work together for good?’”  His answer will inspire you.


Part 2 with Jim's daughter, Becki

CANCER — the word itself can cause us to wince. In part one we heard from a father who watched his teen daughter battle with the devastation caused by this disease. Now you’ll hear from the young woman as she takes the microphone to share her own thoughts. Her perspective just might surprise you!